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Fifth Grade Preppy Floral with Pencil & Paper Sublimation Print

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Fifth Grade Preppy Floral with Pencil & Paper Sublimation Print

This is a sublimation print in the size you choose from 4 x 4, 6 x 6, 8.5 x 11, or 12 x 12.  

Sublimation Transfer Recommendations:
Garments must be AT LEAST 50% polyester the lower the polyester count the more fading your garment will have with washing. You MUST use a heat press, it will not work with an iron. Time and temperature varies by brand and individual garment but you should press at at least 380 degrees for at least 45 seconds up to 400 degrees at 60 seconds if your item looks faded it was not pressed long enough or hot enough. Prepress your garment before using your transfer. Use light to medium pressure.

Before pressing garment, lint roll thoroughly. Place a piece of printer paper or between the two layers of your shirt to prevent ink from going through to the back of the shirt. Also use a piece of typing paper over the top of your transfer to prevent blow out from getting onto your press. Do not reuse these papers as it will cause ink to transfer to other items. Do not use teflon with sublimation transfers. If you add a vinyl monogram it’s fine to use teflon then. Wash and dry as normal.

Please note this is a sublimation print only, not a completed shirt.

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